Custom Scheduling

WYWRA offers fast, friendly and reliable collection services at a frequency chosen by you, our valued customer, to best meet your waste disposal and recycle collection needs at affordable prices.

Friendly Service

WYWRA strives to be acquainted with each customer on an individual basis to deliver the best quality and personalized service.  From farm family to commercial businesses, our staff is committed to maintaining excellence in customer satisfaction.

Community Centered

WYWRA is a non-profit organization run by a board of directors from the surrounding communities. They are passionate about helping and maintaining the land around them, and building relationships with people who call it home.

The West Yellowhead Waste Resource Authority is a non-profit organization formed by municipalities in Northwest Saskatchewan and is one of several regional waste management organizations within the Province.

WYWRA is committed to keeping the safety of our environment at the forefront while also exploring new and innovative ways of managing recyclable products.

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